Triad - Brendon Smith Signature Deck (4.7" x 19.5")

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Width: 119mm / 4.7in

Lenght: 495mm / 19.5in

Head Tube Angle: 83'

Wheel Compatability

Width: 24mm - 30MM

Hight: 110mm - 120mmn

Axle: Standard



Arguably the greatest of all time now has his first Triad signature deck. We all know what Brendon is capable of on a scooter, so we wanted to develop a product that allows him to do what he does without impediment. A lightweight, perfectly balanced deck made from only the best materials available. Complete with his full length hand drawn artwork from a world renown artist with details previously unseen in the scooter industry. The back end features our Mini Gridlock system that eliminates the use of spacers and has been designed to fit pegs with no issues.