Triad - Billy Watts Signature Deck (4.7" x 19.5")

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Width: 119mm / 4.7in

Lenght: 495mm / 19.5in

Head Tube Angle: 83'

Wheel Compatability

Width: 24mm - 30MM

Hight: 110mm - 120mmn

Axle: Standard



The Billy Watts deck has been ridden and tested by the man himself.  After a long time of testing and decision making this is what we have come to.  With a similar design to our previous Medusa neck tube, we wanted to keep this strong neck tube and lighten it up.  The Billy Watts deck is fully integrated and goes under a CNC process to add a stunning finish, also reducing the overall weight.

The colour and finish was hand picked by Billy Watts himself, this blood red deck is simply beautiful.  With a slight sparkle through the colour this deck will shine in the sunlight.