Ethic - Erawan

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  • 10 - 12+ years old
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  • Super LIght

* As scooter enthusiasts we know a scooter can not be bought on Age/Hight alone. other factors to consider. If you are unsure please contact us. 

Deck: Width 114mm/4.5in Length 545mm/21.5in
Bars: Aluminium Width 580mm/22.8in Length 650mm/25.6in
Fork/Compression: Aluminium/IHC
Wheels: 110mm gap core aluminium 
Brake: Nylon


This is THE SCOOTER that's going to unlock those impossible tricks once and for all. It's seriously feather-weight thanks to the Aluminium bars that feature externally fluted technology and internally tapered technology to maximise strength while bringing the bars overall weight right down.

The incredibly light but reliably strong Erawan Deck features a twin vertical plate construction opposed to the plain extruded downtube you'd expect from scooters of this low price range.


The whole scooter comes in at the unbelievable weight of 3kgs