Urbanartt - Sprawl Max Peters

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Width: 152mm / 6in

Lenght: 584mm / 23in

Head Tube Angle: 83'

Wheel Compatability

Width: 30mm

Hight: 125mm

Axle: Standard



Finally the UA Sprawl deck by the iconic Max Peters has arrived! Max wanted to make a deck that was as versatile as his riding style. He has been involved in the sport right from the start and knows his product inside out but he also knows everyone is different, so he wanted to ensure the deck could be used by just about anyone and any style. Available in 4 sizes and run a brake or a fender, you decide as both are included. The dropouts are designed for 24mm core wheels. The dropout can be filed down to fit wheels with up to 30mm cores.
Max wanted a deck that was easy to work on and super durable. So we have developed rear drop outs designed to rotate ensuring they wear evenly just like you would on a set of car tyres. It has integrated wheel spacers and bolt thread so changing wheels out is a breeze