Envy - Prodigy S8

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  • 10 - 12+ years old
  • No1 Seller
  • Biggest colour range 

* As scooter enthusiasts we know a scooter can not be bought on Age/Hight alone. other factors to consider. If you are unsure please contact us. 

Deck: Width 120mm/4.75in Length 495mm/19.5in
Bars: Aluminium Width 560mm/22in Length 620mm/24.4in
Fork/Compression: Aluminium/IHC
Wheels: 120mm gap core aluminium 
Brake: Nylon


The Prodigy Complete scooter is the undisputed #1 freestyle scooter sold worldwide.

We have refreshed the S8 for 2021 with some dope new colour-ways and maintained some of the classics. New wraps and paints for 2021 include Retro, Nebula, Dusk, Swirl kept from 2020 range is Oil Slick, Jade & Scratch. We have pimped out the Polyurethene to a fine looking GLOSS look!! Check out the range today to find the one for you