Aztek - Europa

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Width: 7in / 178mm

Lenght: 23in / 584mm - 24in / 609mm

Head Tube Angle: 84'

Wheel Compatability

Width: 30mm

Hight: 125mm

Axle: Standard / 12 STD



The Europa Deck is the biggest deck Aztek have ever made, coming in 7inch wide by 23inch and 24inch long, while still remaining surprisingly lightweight.

This deck has a unique innovative feature - a convex grind plate along the bottom surface. This feature allows you to make minor reactive adjustments in your balance point when grinding. The result is a deck that is surprisingly easy to grind with. Once you've gotten used to it, you end up having much more control over your grinds while greatly increasing the control you have over the scooter.