Aztek - 666

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Width: 6.66in / 169mm

Lenght: 23in / 584mm - 24in / 609mm

Head Tube Angle: 84'

Wheel Compatability

Width: 30mm

Hight: 125mm

Axle: Standard / 12 STD


Here we have the biggest deck on the market to date. With a 6.66" standing width, and a bottom width of 5.7", this deck sits in a category of its own in terms of comfort and grind quality. It has a large curve from outer walls to the bottom surface meaning it slides extremely well on rougher surfaces. This also means you get the comfort of 6.66 inches but aren't as likely to scrape whilst turning or carving as you would with the same width on the bottom. This deck comes with 2 sets of spacers for 24mm or 30mm wheels and a small simple flex fender.